Bowling is Odd

Tonight, we took Vincent and his BFF bowling. I grew up going to the bowling alley as a kid but I never really realized what an odd sport it is. First, you put on strange colored shoes that have been worn by hundreds of other people. Second, you search racks of colored balls and try to find the heaviest one you can hold. Thirdly, you throw the heavy ball only using three fingers. To make things even more interesting, the bowling alley will turn off all the normal lights and turn on black lights to make everything glow. Cuddling while we wait for our turn to bowlEven though bowling is strange, we had a great time! Sadly to say, Vincents 8 year old friend beat all of us in our second game. Guess we arent very good bowlers.

By the way, I did find a ball that was as heavy as Chloe.

Do You Believe In The Tooth Fairy?

As a child I never really believed in the tooth fairy. I thought of it more like a game that was fun to play. Id loose a tooth and pretend to sleep while my dad snuck a dollar under my pillow. One time, I remember waking up but keeping my eyes closed as my dad snuck the dollar under my pillow. As soon as he left I quickly took the dollar and put it in my piggy bank. It was still really early in the morning so I crawled back in bed. Shortly after, my mom came in and reached under my pillow to make sure my dad had left something.  When she felt that there wasnt a dollar she left one, thinking that my dad had forgotten. After she left, I giggled to myself then put that dollar in my piggy bank, too.

My parents told us that they never wanted to lie to my siblings and I and make us believe something that wasnt true. They were afraid that if they had told us to believe in something that we couldnt see, like a tooth fairy or Santa Claus, that maybe we would think that they were lying about Gods existence, also. Im not sure if I would have chosen to not believe in God, but there is something reassuring knowing that my parents didnt trick me into believing something that wasnt true.

Now my step-son Vincent does believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus. He thinks that it is really fun to write the tooth fairy a note and leave it with his tooth. This week we were at Disneyland when Vincent lost one of his teeth. After Vincent went to sleep, Anson folded $4 to make two ninja stars and put them under Vincents pillow. The only sad part was when Vincent woke up he couldnt find the money because he had tossed so much in the night that they had fallen behind the bed. He was sad thinking that the tooth fairy didnt leave him anything. Anson helped him find the money and then all was good.

Ill be curious to see how Vincent reacts when he finds out that Anson is the tooth fairy and that we leave the presents under the tree instead of Santa Claus. I hope that he will see it more like a game instead of feeling tricked. Im still not sure if I want Chloe believe in the tooth fairy or in Santa Claus, but I guess we still have time since she doesnt have any teeth. :D


Cleaning is one of those jobs that never seems to be done. There is always something to wipe down, dust, wash or put away. A few years ago, my friend Heidi sent me a cleaning chart from Real Simple Magazine. This chart is awesome! I have referred to it several times over the past years. It lets you know what to clean and how often. Who knew that you were supposed to vacuum your mattress every 3 to 6 months!?! Another thing I have learned is that wiping down your green plants with a little bit of mayonnaise adds shine to the leaves and keeps them healthier. My mother-in law gave me that tip and it really works! And as you may have read in a previous blog that I can use all the help I can get with keeping plants alive and looking good. :)

Fast Cars

Getting the Fozzie washed before our canyon run

I think that my love for fast cars started when I got behind the wheel of my first car, 1984 Firebird. That car would take off fast! As soon as I put it in gear it would shoot forward. Several speeding tickets later, I am still enjoying fast cars. My husband, Anson, introduced me to Subarus. We bought my Forester Sports XT over a year ago and I still find myself looking for excuses to go somewhere just so I can drive it.

Yesterday, I met up with a few other girls that own Subarus to go on our first “Girl Canyon Run.” Our husbands and boyfriends had to ride shotgun while we tore through the canyons. The first drive was pretty slow but things got more exciting when we sped through Little Tujunga Canyon. We had a blast and I look forward to more canyon runs in the future. :)



Our daughter Chloe will be three months old on Sunday. In not a bad way, it seems like Chloe has been with us a lot longer. She has added so much to our lives, that it now seems strange that she wasn’t with us a few months ago.

Chloe is changing and discovering new things every day. This week she has discovered that she has hands and fingers. She will stare at her hands and watch as she bends and straightens each finger. It’ll be fun watching her as she learns that she has feet and toes, too.

As I was thinking about Chloe’s development I was thinking about my own. I’m still learning what it means to be a good daughter, supportive wife, loving and patient stepmom/mom and engaging leader. I hope that I never come to the place where I stop learning and settle for where I’m at. Even when I’m 100 years old, I want to still challenge myself to be learning new things. For right now, I’m still figuring out this blog thing but so far so good.


I’m not sure where I got it from, but sitting down to relax is something I have to force myself to do.  My brain is constantly churning with ideas for fun things to do with the Phamily, my long list of things to get done for work, ideas for my project truck(s), ideas to make my Subaru faster, ideas to improve our living space, ideas for new ways to make fancy food for dinner parties, and the list goes on and on.

It doesn’t cease to amaze me how supportive Lisa is when I start blabbering about random things.  Most of the time she’s following and provides input on my ideas.  Most other people just look at me like I’m a mad scientist and wish I would just be quiet (queue in mad scientist laugh mua-ha-ha-ha-ha).  I sometimes feel sorry for the rest of my Phamily, especially Vincent.  He’s almost a mini-clone of me.  We react the same way, we get emotional from the same triggers, we both have the same sense of humor, we even come to the same conclusions for things!  Of course being only 7 years old, he doesn’t have the same life experiences as I do, but at the same time I don’t have to live dual lives since he’s with his biological Mom (I’ll refer to her as “the not-as-cool” mom) every weekend.

I dont’ want to say “poor Vincent” because it’s a part of life.  We inherit things from our parents and its our duty to shape him to make the best decisions possible.  He gets distracted quite easily nowadays so time management is a big issue at times with Vincent.  He’s gotten much better and more able to focus on the task at hand.  I’m not talking about A.D.D. or hyperactivity, or whatever doctors nowadays want to slap a label on things.  I’m talking about having so many things going on in your brain it’s just a matter of sifting it out as needed.  I can clearly see it in his behavior and hear it in our conversations when we have our nightly 1-on-1 bedside talks.  I look forward to every night I get to sit by his bed and we talk about random things.  Weekends and traveling are the worst, I miss the guy more than people think.



When getting ready to go on a date, what do you normally do? If youre like me then you probably spend some extra time making sure you look good. When your date comes to the door you want to look your best. Well, why cant we do the same when our husbands come home from work?

I remember as a kid my mom would play, do art projects and get dirty with my brother and sister and I. But a few minutes before my dad would come home, my mom would go upstairs and change into something nice and do her make up. It wasnt because my dad expected it, but because she loved him and still wanted to look good for him.

Im trying to do the same thing. Yes, I woke up early, took care of the baby, got Vincent ready for school, was spit up on, did laundry and dishes BUT I dont need to look like I did all that. I dont want to be one of the sweatpant moms that I see at Vincents school. I want to try to still look my best for Anson and to set a good example for Vincent and Chloe.