How do we compete with the lessons that kids learn from movies and games? Vincent came back from a cousins house talking about a video game that hurt people for fun. I knew that we needed to immediately teach Vincent the value of all people. That’s why I was excited to be apart of our church in action day.

Today, the pastor decided to not just have us sit inside the four walls during service, but to actually go out and help people. We drove over to the place where the biggest group of homeless people live in Long Beach, the riverbank. Once there, Vincent helped by handing out lunches, water bottles and blankets. Anson spoke to a few people that were extremely grateful for the warm blankets he gave them. Even though we were there to give and make a difference in the lives of others, I’m praying that this first act of giving will teach Vincent that we value all people and should help others.




I’d have to say that tonight was one of my favorite Friday nights. It was filled with surprises and moments that I’ll always remember. Anson had to work late tonight so I took Vincent and Chloe to McDonald’s for some fun. I was pleasantly surprised when a sweet homeless man came to my rescue and searched McDonalds for the nicest highchair they had. He even apologized when the one he found had a couple crumbs in it. At first his rough exterior made me hesitant, but I quickly saw that he was a gentleman and just wanted to help. The night continued to have wonderful moments when we got home and Vincent and I played a close game of Battelship, followed by obstacle courses in the living room and story time with Shel Silverstein. Vincent has never read The Light in the Attic or Where the Sidewalk Ends but tonight he had his first introduction. We took turns choosing poems and laughing until we lost track of time. With the business of the day, I really love sweet moments like this.



I’ve never really had a regular hair stylist, so when it’s time to get a haircut I always get nervous. I’d noticed a cute salon only a block away and decided to give them a try. I figured “how bad could it be? I only need a trim.” I’ve had enough cuts in the past to know that this girl wasn’t doing things right. I mean I’ve never had anyone in the past rub all my wet hair in my face so much that she offered me a towel to dry myself. I quickly regretted putting on lipgloss before I went in because now I had hair all over my lips. When everything was said and done I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe the fluffy 80s style she gave me. That’s when I looked around expecting the Punk’d cameras to show up. Needless to say, I’m still in the search for another hair stylist. It can’t get worse than the girl from yesterday, can it?


Last night, Anson and I decided to order pizzas for dinner. We don’t have pizza very often so when we do it’s definitely a treat. To make dinner even more fun we decided to invite over some of my family that live close by. Pretty soon our small dinner turned into a party with 15 people. Even though it wasn’t anything fancy, everyone that came over seemed happy and really grateful for the invite. It really isn’t about having your house perfect or fixing something elaborate, it’s about spending time together and having fun. I look forward to our next spontaneous party.


I’ve had 32 birthdays and yesterday’s was one of my favorites. The day started out with my phone going crazy from all the Facebook notifications, followed by presents, a handmade card from Vincent and a walk to my new favorite bakery. In the evening, Anson made a delicious salmon dinner. I truly am a lucky girl to have such a great chef for a husband! While Anson made dinner, Vincent decided he wanted to be a ninja for the rest of the night. Vincent practiced using his plastic swords and pretended to be in ninja bootcamp. It was all very entertaining. After dinner, we played a game of Yahtzee (Anson beat me by one point) and had dessert. I couldn’t have asked for anything more than the perfect day with my phamily.




Birthday Getaway

Its that time of year again when I turn another year older. This year, Anson planned a romantic Vegas getaway just for the two of us. We stayed at Treasure Island and had a beautiful room with a view of the Vegas strip. Now when you think of Vegas you may think of gambling and drinking. There is definitely a lot of that there, but Anson and I found a lot of other things to do, too. We ate Vietnamese food, went shopping, saw a Cirque du Solei show, went hiking, ate at a fine dining restaurant and of course had coffee while we people watched. We arent big on gambling, but did find a penny slot machine that was fun to play. We gave ourself a limit of $20 and on our second night I was the big winner and won $66 in pennies! Woohoo! I immediately pressed the Cash Out button and decided to quit while I was ahead. Sorry Vegas casino, you didnt get much money from me.

Ive included a couple pictures from our weekend getaway. Ive heard that if you put God first, your spouse second and then kids third, you will have a happy family. Here is our attempt to keep each other second. :)








A Year of Dates

Anson and I are grateful when my mom calls us and says, Go on a date. Ill watch the kids! We always take her up on the offer, but then dont know where we should go or what we should do.
Last month, I saw an idea on Pinterest that was too good not to try. The idea was to plan a year of dates for you and your husband and put each date in a separate envelope. Each month on the first, the husband opens the envelope and sees what date they are going on that month. I decided to do this for Ansons Valentine present. He opened up the first envelope today and was surprised with whale watching tickets. I cant wait for him to open the rest of the fun dates I have planned for us! Its going to be a great year!


The Target Trap

I really should know by now that I cant leave Target without adding five to six things to my basket that I wasnt planning on buying. The only thing I needed was toothpaste. As I was walking to the toothpaste aisle, I passed the card section. If you know me, then you know I cant pass by cards without picking up one. So I bought two Halloween cards. After that I found more must haves including a shirt for Chloe, a fly swatter, hooks to hang towels on, snacks for Anson and Vincent, a tape gun and whipped cream cheese. Next time, I really will stick to only the items I need . . .

Yeah right!

Chloe’s Noggin

Today, Anson and I took Chloe to Kaiser in West LA to meet a specialist about the shape of her head. We would have been very early to the appointment, but it seems that all of West LA decided to go to Kaiser at the same time as us. Once we finally found the room we were supposed to be in, Anson and I were both surprised to find that it was the Plastic Surgery Department. It seemed odd to me that we were in the same waiting room as rich women waiting to get their Botox injections.

When we were seen, the nurse and doctor both stressed to us that there is nothing mentally wrong with Chloe and that her brain is completely fine. That was the good news. The bad news was that they DO think that she needs to wear a helmet to reshape her head. If you look at the picture attached you will see that one section of her head is flat and that there is a bump on her forehead. The two red circles in the picture show where Chloes ears are and how one is closer to the front of the head than the other. By giving Chloe a helmet to wear, her head will be able to be reshaped without any pain to her. We dont have the helmet yet, but will be meeting with an office to get her helmet ordered soon.

The reason that Chloe developed a flat side of her head is because she has a tight left neck muscle. It was more comfortable for her to turn her head to the left and keep it there instead of roatating it to the right also. I have given it my best effort to rotate her head while she is sleeping, move all of her toys the right side and tried to make it uncomfortable to move it back to the left but nothing has worked. The doctor suggested that we take her in for physical therapy to have her neck muscle loosened.

Sigh . . . this is a lot for little Chloe and for us, but I know that she will be fine.

Poor Chloe

Monday, I took Chloe in for her next set of immunization shots. She doesnt like to be bothered, so she definitely didnt like it when the doctors were looking in her ears, shining lights in her eyes and listening to her heart and lungs. Even though Chloe didnt like the exam and especially didnt like the the shots, everything went well. We found out that she is 97% taller than most babies her age and everything else is right on track. I did ask the doctor about the shape of Chloes head. It seems that it is flat on one side and more round on the other.  Even with all of our efforts to get her to turn her head when she sleeps, it always seems that her head ends up turned to the left. The pediatrician is sending us to a specialist in West LA to see if Chloe will need a helmet to get her head round instead of flat.  The specialist called today and we have an appointment for Tuesday. I know that she will be fine and that lots of babies have to wear a helmet, but I would prefer if she didnt have to. I guess we will see how it goes.