As many of you have seen, Facebook has been going crazy with videos about the Invisible Children. If you haven’t watched the video about stopping Joseph Kony check out the link at the bottom of this blog. When Anson and I watched the video, we both felt the need to help the children in Uganda. Instead of just watching the video and saying “That’s a good video. Too bad for those kids” then moving on, we decided to actually do something and help.

Over dinner, I spoke with Vincent about the kids in Uganda and about how sad it is that they are forced to fight instead of do things like him and go to school. Vincent agreed that we should do something to help the kids. But of course Vincent related the kids in Uganda to an Indiana Jones Lego game. Apparently, one of the levels Indiana Jones has to rescue kids that were captured. After we talked about how he defeated the bad guy in the game, we talked about how people want to defeat Kony in real life.

Instead of quickly typing in our small monthly gift and moving on. I included Vincent by inviting him to type in our information. There are several teachable moments that come across us everyday. It’s important that we take the time to include our kids in them, too.


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