As I was folding laundry this afternoon I kept coming across pieces of tape and neon green post it notes on the clothes. I immediately knew who the culprit was because all of the papers said Vincent on them. Before I even had a chance to get bugged for pulling wet papers and tape off all the clothes, I realized something. These papers were from a scavenger hunt my aunt made for Vincent while I was away last week. One paper said “Go to the BBQ in the back.” Another paper said “Go to Granny’s swing outside her bedroom.” Looking at these scavenger hunt clues made me feel very grateful that even my extended family has chosen to love Vincent as if he were my own flesh and blood. They don’t see Vincent as “Lisa’s stepson” but instead as my son that they want to get to know. So instead of being upset about the papers in the laundry, I’m grateful that they were left in there so I could remember what an awesome family we have.


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