How is it possible for a 3rd grader to move in the middle of a school year to a new school and still achieve Student of the Month for his grade?  Does he have to try hard to meet his deadlines or does the effort come natural?  These were some of the thoughts I had as I was reading a letter from the school addressed to “The Parents of Vincent Pham”.  We were notified in advance of a special awards ceremony and given the option to view the assembly on school grounds. Vincent was rewarded for Perfect Attendance, Student of the Month for academic achievement and Math Wizard.  Apparently his math skills are at the 94th percentile of his grade.  How can we not be proud parents?!

One of the things I remind him about is although this may come easy (for now) is to be grateful for the brain he was given.  Maybe some other classmates need to try much harder to grasp concepts, but no matter what, Vincent needs to realize everyone is trying their hardest and to stay humble about his achievements but still be proud.

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