Alright alright, some of you might be giggling and making jokes about a certain kind of herb, but those of you who know me, I LOVE to cook.  So much so, we regularly have events for friends and phamily just so I have an excuse to cook something I normally wouldn’t.

After living in an apartment for so long, I was ecstatic to finally live in a house again.  What did that mean?  It meant a spacious kitchen and a backyard to get a propane grill.  Grilled foods are wonderful…everything from a rack of lamb to fresh locally grown squashes.  Of course that wasn’t enough for me even though our guests thoroughly enjoy my wannabe culinary efforts.  I wanted to get a proper smoker.  I’m super grateful for my in-laws who gave me a smoker for my recent 37th birthday.  Thank you thank you Ma & Pops!

Smoking meats requires much more attention than I expected.  Here I thought I would “set it and forget it” for 6+ hrs.  After reading numerous blogs and forums on the art of smoking, I’m obsessed.  I constantly think of different things I could try next.  So far pork (both fatty and lean) is my favorite and I haven’t smoked fish yet since it’s not safe for our baby on the way.

Conclusion, smoked food tastes AMAZING.  It’s a chance for me to slow my thoughts, hangout with the Phamily all day while leisurely checking temps and adjusting heat sources to make sure everything is smoked perfectly.

I’m getting hungry just writing about this, I wish I can get to Costco right now to buy some food.