It’s funny the luxuries I used to have pre mom days that I didn’t even know I had. What luxuries am I talking about? Oh the ones like taking a shower without your baby crying while in a bouncing seat a couple feet away. How about the luxury of drinking a cup of coffee in silence as you wake up. Ahhh . . . those were the good old days.

Well I think this week I have discovered a way to get all those wonderful luxuries back. The trick is to wake up early! For the past three days I have woken up 45-60 minutes before Vincent and Chloe. I use that time to enjoy a quiet shower, get ready for the day, make Vincent’s lunch for school and get Chloe’s food prepared. The best part about this new routine is that when Vincent and Chloe wake up in the morning, I am ready to focus on them and help them get their day started. With my old way of doing things, I was being woken up by them and then all of a sudden needed to get things going while I was still waking myself up. These past three days have been so nice and the mornings have moved smoothly without any issues.

Let’s raise our cups of coffee to cheer bringing the small luxuries back!


As many of you have seen, Facebook has been going crazy with videos about the Invisible Children. If you haven’t watched the video about stopping Joseph Kony check out the link at the bottom of this blog. When Anson and I watched the video, we both felt the need to help the children in Uganda. Instead of just watching the video and saying “That’s a good video. Too bad for those kids” then moving on, we decided to actually do something and help.

Over dinner, I spoke with Vincent about the kids in Uganda and about how sad it is that they are forced to fight instead of do things like him and go to school. Vincent agreed that we should do something to help the kids. But of course Vincent related the kids in Uganda to an Indiana Jones Lego game. Apparently, one of the levels Indiana Jones has to rescue kids that were captured. After we talked about how he defeated the bad guy in the game, we talked about how people want to defeat Kony in real life.

Instead of quickly typing in our small monthly gift and moving on. I included Vincent by inviting him to type in our information. There are several teachable moments that come across us everyday. It’s important that we take the time to include our kids in them, too.



As I was folding laundry this afternoon I kept coming across pieces of tape and neon green post it notes on the clothes. I immediately knew who the culprit was because all of the papers said Vincent on them. Before I even had a chance to get bugged for pulling wet papers and tape off all the clothes, I realized something. These papers were from a scavenger hunt my aunt made for Vincent while I was away last week. One paper said “Go to the BBQ in the back.” Another paper said “Go to Granny’s swing outside her bedroom.” Looking at these scavenger hunt clues made me feel very grateful that even my extended family has chosen to love Vincent as if he were my own flesh and blood. They don’t see Vincent as “Lisa’s stepson” but instead as my son that they want to get to know. So instead of being upset about the papers in the laundry, I’m grateful that they were left in there so I could remember what an awesome family we have.



Sunday is our Phamily day. We try to focus on spending time together and do something that will be fun for everyone. Today, we decided to take our dessert outside for a picnic on the grass. Laying out a blanket didn’t take much effort, but it made our time together fun just because it was different. Vincent taught Anson and I how to play his new Lego game and of course Vincent won the first round. I was lucky enough to win the second round. Sorry, Anson better luck next time! :)